Angels with dirty faces


multimedia project (2 photo serie, short film 17’ 30″)

Site specific/participative project was made in Kolubara (Serbia) during period 2004-2006. Project consist of 3 photo series and one film “Angels with Dirty Faces (turning point)”, 17.30 min,

Project in a poetic way present the miner’s protest in Kolubara as well as the civil protests in Belgrade that culminated in the burning of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on 5 October 2000, led to the fall of Milosevic’s regime in Yugoslavia. The title of the work refers to the paradoxical situation in this region during the 1990’s: on one side there are hard-working and honest miners with clean hands and clear conscience who live on the verge of poverty, on the other side, dirty-handed politicians and the governing body who commit violence in their greed for power and dirty embezzlements, although they should stand as an example.