East Side Story


multimedia project (2 channel video 14’, 11 photographs, performance)

The 2-channel video installation East Side Story employs a specific media language to speak about a social problem of our time – the problem of violence and intolerance towards the other and different. The work juxtapose different media representations combining archival documentary footage from the violence on the streets of Zagreb and Belgrade during Gay Pride in 2001 and 2002 with live-action of a choreographed dance performance where language of movement mimics the violent actions taking place on locations where it really happened. In this way the artist achieves on one hand a dramatic effect and on the other a poetical reading of such an absurd brutality. “This was a way of suggesting the presence of a vivid, creative force very much alike the resistance movement that is trying to change the intolerant, conservative society into a better one” (I.G.)