Missing Architecture


multimedia interventions in public space

The project is the result of a residency period the artist spent in Modica in Sicily (Italy), and it is realized in cooperation with the Muslim community of Modica during “I Vespri.Civic Forum In Five Acts” curated by Marco Scotini

The aim of the work “Missing architecture” is to light on the fact that, despite the presence in town of a big Muslim community, any classic mosque has been erected so far. For that reason, members of the Muslim community rent houses or apartments that become a meeting-place for the prayer. Citizens pointed out that the construction of mosques was forbidden during Berlusconi’s rightist coalition rule. Their dream is to have the classical mosque with a minaret built one day.

The artists inserted in the public space the elements, which symbolically represent the missing place of worship for Muslims using three elements that represent foundations, walls and a minaret of a possible mosque. “I place several carpets on the square areas, I attach posters with oriental mosaic on the walls of the old city, and for the first time on Sicily, muezzin recites, on my invitation, the ezan-call to prayer in the public space on different locations” (I.G.)