experimental documentary, 50’

“Monument” is a poetic-experimental documentary, structured as a series of nine meditative ‘portraits’ of the massive concrete memorials commissioned by the former Yugoslav state. These sentinel forms were originally built to honor the Second World War victims of fascism. During the Balkans war of the 1990s thousands of these monuments, perceived only as monoliths of abandoned Communist ideology, were destroyed on the territory of the ex- Yugoslav state.

The attempt to erase these structures was the starting point for this film, which focuses on the conditions and ‘life’ of a group of monuments. The artist emphasizes the unexpected fragility of these monumental structures filming them against the backdrop of seasonal change to metaphorically highlight the cyclic nature and the role it plays while witnessing a series of traumas and radical changes. As a poetic-experimental documentary, “Monument” creates an existential, or even spiritual, resonance with the political issues, questioning the purpose of monuments today.